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Stephy Wilecat

Dunno if anyone cares but....

Zombie Ghost Train's 3rd Annual Monsters Ball!

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Saturday 8th July 2006

Live: Zombie Ghost Train, The Wrath (Qld), Slimey Things, Splatterhouse Showghouls Burlesque

DJs: DJ Toz

Venue: The Marquee Club, 128 Pyrmont Bridge Road, Camperdown , Sydney

Tickets: $15/$12 in Monster Formal Wear

Time: 8:30pm

Ghouls & Boys you are "curdially inbited" to the 3rd Annual Zombie Ghost Train Monster's Ball. A meeting of ghouls, gore-hounds, dead dudes, demons and immortal monsters. Beheaded by your favourite mortuary musicians Zombie Ghost Train and featuring many special guests including The Wrath (QLD),Slimey Things and Splatterhouse Showghouls Burlesque. Come and dance the night away to your favourite fiendish sounds and be part of the biggest mutant monster bash throughout the land. $15/12 in Monster Formal Wear 8.30pm Best Dressed Prizes and Monster Lolly Treats !!

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